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“Hello Barnaby..”


"Hello Blue Rose."

"It may just be my imagination but you don’t look happy to see me."


It’s here. 

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Um…Pizza?” She could have easily have made him buy her something expensive, but her mind had gone blank and she wasn’t that cruel.

"Are you sure, ‘just pizza’?"

super-idol asked:

"How ironic.."

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RED- I love you romantically

SALMON- I love you platonically

PINK- I have a crush on you

OLIVE- I used to love you but now I don’t

MAGENTA- I’m secretly in love with you

ORANGE- I don’t think you realise my feelings for you

BLACK- I want to have sex with you

GREY- I want to cuddle with you

SILVER- I don’t know how I feel about you

YELLOW- I want to be friends with you

NAVY- You’re my best friend

TEAL- You complete me

GREEN- I trust you with my life

EMERALD- I’d do anything for you

PURPLE- I’d spend my life with you

COBALT- I feel sad when you get hurt

AQUAMARINE- I’m terrified of losing you

WHITE- You scare me

TAUPE- I want you to die

BROWN- I want to kill you

AMBER- I like seeing you in pain

VERMILLION- I hope something horrible happens to you

MAROON- I hate you

PLUM- You are my enemy

PUCE- Life would be better without you

how does your character feel about mine?

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His lips formed into a smile as he heard her respond, “Yes, I’m sure.”

His smile caught her off guard, she should have been used to it, but somehow he had caused her heart to skip a beat. Now, she could understand some of his female fans. “You’re paying.” She stated, trying to recover herself.

He chuckled lightly, “What sort of gentleman would I be if I allowed the lady to pay on our date?” he joked “After you.” he said while opening the door for her.

“Don’t go getting ahead of yourself..” She stated in response to his joke and skulking through the door without even thanking him

"How much further ahead could I get?" he followed her out of the door and shut it behind them. "What are you in the mood for?" he looked down to her waiting for her response.